Entertain your kids in Prospect

Entertaining children can be challenging at the best of times, but it get slightly easier when you can either walk to your destination, or the drive is only short. Here’s our recommendations for the best children’s activities in and around Prospect:

1. Prospect Library

For big or little ones, the public library in Prospect have a treasure trove of things to entertain.  Pop in to read some books and play with toys or get a library card and take them home. Join in with the events and shows they host or classes and workshops they run.  You and the kids can attend things like coding workshops, craft workshops, Geocatching and movie screenings.

The full list of running events can be found here:


2. Soldiers Memorial Gardens Playground

A picturesque playground suitable for all ages that is set in the Soldiers Memorial Gardens next to Prospect Oval and tennis courts.  It has swings, climbing ropes and bridges, and a tunnel slide that kids will love. The playground is fully fenced, but there’s also a lot of open green space in the surrounding gardens, making it the perfect place for a picnic!

3. Adelaide Aquatic Centre

The Adelaide Aquatic Centre is a great place to take the children swimming, either just to play or for swim school.  The assorted pools are segmented for age appropriateness, with paddling pools and water features for the smaller children, and deeper pools with water slides for older ones.  Entry fees are very reasonable with casual visits costing $8.40 for adults, $6.70 for children and children under 3-years-old being free. There are also family pass, multi-visit pass and annual pass options if you think you will attend regularly.  

For the full list of prices and swim school information, see their website:


4. 50SIXONE @ Prospect

Extravagant milkshakes and thick shakes… check.  Chocolate in block form, melted form, drizzled form and frozen form… check.  Yummy breakfast and lunch options including eggs, waffles burgers, chips, plus lots more… check.  

This place has some serious food presentation skills and as a treat for the kids, you couldn’t spoil them more!  Grab a table and order their favourite flavour of milkshake and wait to be impressed, have a look at their instagram if you don’t believe us!


5. Ern Sconce Rotary Park

This amazing nature themed park has all wooden play equipment that makes for a very organic-feeling playground.  Inside you will find an assortment of large wooden animals (watch out for the crocodile in the creek!), bridge over the dry creek, climbing equipment and chalkboard drawing station, all designed to inspire imaginative play.  Tables, a large grass area and half basketball court complete the park and make it nice spot for all ages!


6. Palace Nova Cinema

The Palace Nova Cinema on Prospect Road is a welcome addition to the area.  It screens all the current blockbusters as well as seasonal or cult favourite features in small boutique style cinemas.  There is also a special parent and baby friendly sessions called ‘Hello Baby!’ that you can attend that has lightly dimmed cinema, easy pram access and non-judgmental policy on noise and crying!

Hello Baby! sessions are on Tuesday 10.30am and Wednesday 12pm, but for the full list of current movies showing and screening times see their website.  


7. Glover North Helicopter Park North Adelaide

A well known and loved playground, set in the North Adelaide parklands.  The Helicopter is the initial attraction, but there are lots of additional perks.  Open green space, flat paths for riding bikes on, many tables enjoy a snack or lunch on, a community book box that is full of picture to read, plus there are toilets on site!  

If you are planning a longer outing, it’s nice to take a walk in the surrounding parklands and if you’re lucky you might be able to wave hello to the resident horses on your way!



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